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Vacancy ref:AB9

Job function:Technical consultant

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Job description

Job Summary

Projects focus on financial industry.

Data mining expert.

Lead a project to deliver business insight from data to customer sites.

Work Environment

Located at Beijing Office, 80%-90% customer sites on demand 


Based on data, validate and predict banking/insurance industry trend and results, as well as to observe and analyze existing problems and opportunities.

Design, build, validate, deploy, and monitor data mining models based on banking/insurance industry business requirements, and explain the model results in business and marketing perspectives.

Independently complete data cleansing, data filtering, feature extracting, variable selection, and mining model construction. Then carry out data analysis and related report writing. The candidate should be responsible for the quality of data report deliverables.

Effectively communicate with the client and translate their business requirements and problems to data analysis topics and set the direction. In the meantime, guide and drive the successful application of data analysis results.


,        Minimum bachelor¨s degree in mathematics, statistics, and computer science related major

,        Familiar with banking/insurance industry

,        Minimum 4 years of data analysis or data mining experience with deep understanding of statistics and data mining knowledge, including but not limited to the understanding and practices of clustering, classification, regression, text analysis, and social network analysis algorithms. Expert with data mining tools such as SPSS Clementine, SAS EM, TWMiner, R or other open source tools. Preferably have experiences of mining and analyzing massive datasets of terabytes-scale

,        Acute abilities of data observing and analysis. Able to solve client¨s problem in management, products, marketing and risks based on data analysis

,        Familiar with database/data warehouses such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata. Proficient in SQL and preferably have BI/decision support experiences.     

,        Serious work attitude, responsible and keen on delving into problems. Excellent communication and expressing abilities. Can work under pressure.